Counselor-in-Training (CIT) and College and Career Readiness programs are for former campers ages 15 or older who are ready to move into a leadership role. These youth serve alongside the staff and AmeriCorps members to provide activities for younger campers. CIT's participate in training before the summer sessions begin which includes the Reality Therapy discipline model, trust activities, group initiatives, group and individual goal setting, evaluation techniques, communication strategies, outdoor living skills, canoeing, swimming, pool safety and swim instructions.

The College and Career Readiness program provides weekend events during the school year that focus on preparing students for life after high school. Essential skills include resume writing, interviewing, professionalism, budgeting, understanding college applications, and ACT preparation. Other focuses of this program include leadership development, gardening, team building, entrepreneurial ideas and communication skills.

CIT's earn volunteer hours that can be used on their resume, on college applications, and for high school clubs that require volunteer hours. Many CIT's eventually become summer or year-round AmeriCorps members, earning a living allowance and an education award.

FAQs for CIT Program

  1. What is a CIT? A CIT is a Counselor-in-Training which is a former camper selected by AmeriCorps counselors and staff.
  2. What do CIT’s do? They volunteer their time to impact and make a difference in the lives of youth by initiating games/activities, role-modeling, and by demonstrating professional character.
  3. How do I apply to be a CIT? Please contact the Assistant Director, Binky Martin-Tollette, by emailing or by calling 501-821-3714.
  4. Who is eligible to be a CIT? They should be high school student aged 15 years or older and has attended the summer program in the past. CITs are selected for the position.
  5. Do CIT’s get paid? CITs are not paid but will receive volunteer hours for your service.
  6. Who do I contact to get my volunteer hours? Email or call Assistant Director, Binky Martin-Tollette
  7. I never got selected for Honor Camp, will I still be able to apply to be a CIT? Yes, you can still apply by contacting Assistant Director, Binky Martin-Tollette by email or phone call.
  8. Are CIT’s able to come out during the school year? Yes, you are invited to participate in the College and Career Readiness program that included overnight events, meetings, and other special events throughout the year.
  9. Do I have to attend all the CIT events during the year? No, CITs are not required to attend any events during the year. However, we strongly encourage you to try to attend as many as possible.
  10. Are there any special events that only CIT’s can attend? Yes, for example, we usually have a CIT-only holiday party and other specialized events.
  11. If I move out of town can I still be a CIT? Yes, just keep us informed and stay in contact.
  12. If I have my own car can I drive myself to the camp? Yes, you are able to drive your own vehicle to camp with parent verification and permission.
  13. How many weeks can I be a CIT during summer camp? We allow you to serve one week during summer camp, but we try to schedule you for a minimum of two weeks. It depends on your availability and the number of CITs who want to serve.