Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp’s Local Wellness Policy

This document contains information regarding the overall wellness policy of Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp. There are four primary categories: nutrition education, physical activity, guidelines for all foods and beverages at the camp, and other camp-based activities that promote student wellness.

Nutrition Education

The Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp nutrition education component is an integral part of the overall camp program and contains the following objectives:

Physical Activity

In all camp programs there are ample opportunities to participate in physical activity as noted in the following objectives:

Guidelines for All Food and Beverages at the Camp

The camp and its programs provide a very controlled environment in terms of food and beverage guidelines.

Other Camp-based Activities that Promote Student Wellness

The camp’s mission is to help youth live their lives more responsibly. This certainly includes eating nutritiously and engaging in adequate physical activity. The camp programs go beyond those areas to include mental health, hygiene, and awareness of detrimental social issues.

Dr. Tyler Thompson-Chairman

Karen Michelle Collins-Parent Representative

Pamela Freeman-Principal at Baseline Elementary

Tammy Roberson-Teacher at Pfeifer Camp

Melinda Martin-Tollette-Assistant Director of Pfeifer Camp

Thersa Bour-Nurse at Pfeifer Camp

Rebecca Thacker-Nurse at Lawson Elementary

Student Representative

Amanda Hodges-Secretary

Electronically signed: Amanda Hodges 6/28/23

REV 2/25/2024