Joseph Pfeifer was born in May, 1835 and died at age 92 on December 19, 1926. He was married to Henriette Rudolph and they had four sons, Leo, Harry, Albert and Preston, and one daughter, Bertha. They are buried in Oakland Jewish Cemetery in Little Rock. Through his travels Preston Pfeifer visited the National Kiwanis Headquarters in Chicago and the chairman of the national committee in New York. When he returned to Little Rock he knew what he wanted to do…Little Rock became the first city in the United States to have a school where boys and girls could learn the fundamentals of retailing.”

“To honor his (father’s) memory, the Kiwanis Club of Little Rock has established a camp called the 'Joseph Pfeifer Camp' which is used for underprivileged children. It is located on an 80 acre plot and is a 30 minute drive in the westward direction from the heart of the city of Little Rock Arkansas. It was named for the pioneer merchant when his son, Preston, donated a substantial sum for establishing the camp” in 1929.